Friday, February 25, 2011


End-Good =)

The start of my day went fairly well. I walked into my chemistry class not exactly confident about taking my chem exam, but left feeling like I had known the content well enough to get an A. =)

The middle of my day I spent having a pitty party for myself. Some days you just have to have a good cry? Am I right? I cried about a variety of things...mostly over life and how I don't know what to major in yet and maybe some other things, but anyway I look back on the cry now and give myself a huge pat on the back! I credit myself for actually feeling my emotions at that moment because I never do that. I'm the type to bottle it all in, but not today! I felt so much better afterward!

The end of my day after a good talk with my mom, we both cleaned up and headed to my favorite store in the world--COSTCO! We ran into a woman who looked like she was in her mid 20s. She, along with her four tired and hungry looking kids and her husband were debating on whether or not they should purchase the dried figs they'd come across in the aisle. My mom struck up a conversation with her, telling her that she and her sister were trying to decide on purchasing the same exact figs just the week before. Come to find out this lady was just as nutty about her health as we were. She told us about her natural skin care products she gets at health food stores and how she has watched food inc. and because of it has raised a couple of her own chickens along with a couple of pigs. It was so pleasant running into her and her family. When we were checking out of Costco she waved us to come over and try the figs she ended up purchasing. She was so sweet and turned out the figs were as well. I ran back so fast to the aisle where we had seen the figs and rushed them back to the checkout line. I hereby dud thee dried organic COSTCO figs a new favorite! =)

What I snack on a daily basis:

Carrots + Peanut butter (trust me on this's delish!)


mushrooms + roasted red pepper hummus or cauliflower dipped in hummus

and my two indulgences: jello mousse cups (only 60 cals each) and organic dried figs!

What are some of your favorite items you can't leave the grocery store without???

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I think it's time I give my blog a makeover

I've been thinking of trying some new makeup myself...preferrably makeup that's good for my skin! Do you have any cosmetic favorites that you can't live without?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

wisdom teeth

so what I've been up to...
I've been really trying to work on being positive and I think it may just be working....

for one-I had two snowdays in a row and that NEVER happens in college! =D
for two-I only had to get two wisdom teeth taken out and they were both on the same side, so I'm not experiencing that much pain.
for three-I've been having a grand old time indulging in icecream and pudding cups =D

what were your favorite things to eat when you got your wisdom teeth removed???