Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So someone has been a little naughty recently...yes I'm talking about myself here. I've never been any good at finding a balance. I've always struggled with the "all or nothing" mentality, and on Saturday it was clear that I would be in "all" mode. It started when I went on a college visit with my twin sister, a friend, and her dad. I plan on trasnferring next year, and my friend is determined to persuade me to attend the same college she will be attending next year, hence the college visit. The campus tour went a little longer than scheduled and lunch was delayed by a half hour. Now a half hour may not seem like a lot to you, but to someone who plans meals and snacks every 3 hours and is extremely anal about what she eats(me)...it's a long time! Delaying lunch time left me hungrier than ever (problem 1), and lunch was served buffet style (problem 2). Encouraged by the goodies surrounding me, I panicked and stuffed my belly with more food than my friend's dad. Can we say embarassing? YES! I may or may not have eaten 1.5 ham and cheese sandwiches with the fluffiest bread I have ever laid eyes on, 2 slices of doughy cheesy pizza, a waffle the size of my face with sugar free syrup and powdered sugar, three cookies (two of which were chocolate and one of which was a shamrock sugar cookie), an icecream sandwich, a bowl of self serve frozen yogurt that was a tad on the watery side topped with 5 or so marachino cherries and a handful of mini chocolate chips, and washed my lunch down with a tall glass of chocolate milk. When I was leaving the cafeteria I had two cookies (of the three I had listed above) in hand for the trip home. You think that's bad? It gets worse. When I got back to my friend's house I had a bowl of thin mint icecream. Later, when I had finally reached my house, I polished off some graham crackers and whipped cream, along with some unmentionables more food. When I finally got ready for bed, I prayed to God that my "food baby" would quickly subside, and that my once skinny body would come back. I knew that Sunday would be a new day and that I would get back on track. The one thing I forgot about after eating unhealthy (the way I did) is that when you do eat unhealthy you crave it more than you did before you indulged.

***Warning: the image disclosed in this blog may or may not persuade you to drive to Coldstone's...Now you can't say that I didn't warn you! =) ***

Anway back to my story...Monday night my twin and I were raving about how good the pizza had been on the college visit and decided to order a large size cheesy bread from jets and then coldstone creamery ice cream sandwiches. Tuesday I couldn't get my mind off these babies and had them again....(the cake batter ones with the sprinkles)

Now can you see why I want to lock myself in my mom's room and hold myself hostage? Can you also see why I have no interest in stepping on the scale? Aye ye ye....

Ok readers....here's your chance to spill...
Have you ever surprised yourself at how much you could actually eat? And what goodies have you always reaching for more?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

After my weekly trip to Costco, I had my mom stop at Meijer so we could stock up on a few of my favorites that Costco doesn't carry (i.e. cauliflower, quick oats, pizza sauce, etc). I said a little prayer before I walked over towards the produce section and to my surprise I found....
wait for it....





ZUCCHINI! =) Meijer hasn't had it for close to four weeks now, and I've been missing it terribly! Because they were in stock I decided to celebrate once I got home. What do you think I had for dinner tonight??? I'll give ya a little hint...it starts with "spa" and ends with "ghetti". YUP--that's right I made beautiful noodles out of zucchini, with my vegetable peeler ofcourse, and topped it off with pizza sauce and some chicken meatballs. Unlike pictured below, I didn't mix any broccoli in like I typically do to add more greens into my diet, but it sure was YUM!

I also tried some coffee today while at Costco...the 100% colombia blend, Kirkland brand to be exact. Paired with my orange trident gum, it tasted strangely good. Sounds like an odd combo, but I thoroughly enjoyed the sample and went back for seconds. =) I don't drink coffee, but after today's sampling I think I may just start. It was delicious and I always need something to get me moving in the morning (my coke zero). What is your favorite brand of coffee?

Monday, March 7, 2011

no strings attached

Last night my twin and I were bored and wanted to go out and do something because it was our first official day of spring break. We couldn't convince our mom to go out with us, but we did convince our old babysitter to come out on a "school night". We went to carrabaas for dinner. I did show up to the restaraunt hungrier than I should have, but I didn't overeat =). I had two slices of bread (from the bottomless and dangerous bread basket) =O, a bowl of minestrone soup along with the Spiedino Di Mare (altered the recipe to have all scallops, no shrimp, without the breading) with a side of veggies. It was so good! I wish I would have brought my camera along to take a picture of the amazing meal, although if I had brought my camera I would most likely not have remembered to take the picture before I woofed down the entree =). I couldn't even engage in conversation the food was that good! Enough about the food--wait, isn't it always about the food? =P Anyway after dinner we scurried over to the theater just in time to see the movie No Strings Attached. The movie theater was so empty it felt like we were VIP =) hahah

This morning I woke up and ate a bowl of oatmeal. I've had this for breakfast for the past couple of weeks now and it never gets old! =) I never stir in the dollop of peanut butter. I always leave it for last! YUM!

1/2 c. oats(prepared with water): 140 cals
1 tsp Organic Peanut Butter: 34 cals
and a dash of cinnamon: 0 cals

What is your go-to breakfast?

and for lunch I look forward to having this every day =)

wrap: 50 cals
turkey: 60 cals
spinach: 3.5 cals
1 Tablespoon avocado: 23 cals
1 tsp dijon mustard: 5 cals