Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So someone has been a little naughty recently...yes I'm talking about myself here. I've never been any good at finding a balance. I've always struggled with the "all or nothing" mentality, and on Saturday it was clear that I would be in "all" mode. It started when I went on a college visit with my twin sister, a friend, and her dad. I plan on trasnferring next year, and my friend is determined to persuade me to attend the same college she will be attending next year, hence the college visit. The campus tour went a little longer than scheduled and lunch was delayed by a half hour. Now a half hour may not seem like a lot to you, but to someone who plans meals and snacks every 3 hours and is extremely anal about what she eats(me)...it's a long time! Delaying lunch time left me hungrier than ever (problem 1), and lunch was served buffet style (problem 2). Encouraged by the goodies surrounding me, I panicked and stuffed my belly with more food than my friend's dad. Can we say embarassing? YES! I may or may not have eaten 1.5 ham and cheese sandwiches with the fluffiest bread I have ever laid eyes on, 2 slices of doughy cheesy pizza, a waffle the size of my face with sugar free syrup and powdered sugar, three cookies (two of which were chocolate and one of which was a shamrock sugar cookie), an icecream sandwich, a bowl of self serve frozen yogurt that was a tad on the watery side topped with 5 or so marachino cherries and a handful of mini chocolate chips, and washed my lunch down with a tall glass of chocolate milk. When I was leaving the cafeteria I had two cookies (of the three I had listed above) in hand for the trip home. You think that's bad? It gets worse. When I got back to my friend's house I had a bowl of thin mint icecream. Later, when I had finally reached my house, I polished off some graham crackers and whipped cream, along with some unmentionables more food. When I finally got ready for bed, I prayed to God that my "food baby" would quickly subside, and that my once skinny body would come back. I knew that Sunday would be a new day and that I would get back on track. The one thing I forgot about after eating unhealthy (the way I did) is that when you do eat unhealthy you crave it more than you did before you indulged.

***Warning: the image disclosed in this blog may or may not persuade you to drive to Coldstone's...Now you can't say that I didn't warn you! =) ***

Anway back to my story...Monday night my twin and I were raving about how good the pizza had been on the college visit and decided to order a large size cheesy bread from jets and then coldstone creamery ice cream sandwiches. Tuesday I couldn't get my mind off these babies and had them again....(the cake batter ones with the sprinkles)

Now can you see why I want to lock myself in my mom's room and hold myself hostage? Can you also see why I have no interest in stepping on the scale? Aye ye ye....

Ok readers....here's your chance to spill...
Have you ever surprised yourself at how much you could actually eat? And what goodies have you always reaching for more?


  1. Ok - I've got a challenge for you. Throw out your scale!! I know, I know - it sounds so cliche, but take the batteries out or walk it to the dumpster ASAP. It's hard as hell, but you've got to do it!

    Struggling with eating issues and/or weight issues and keeping a scale around, is like being in AA and have a fully stocked bar at your house! Disaster.

    And while I realize this post isn't directly related to your scale, I've been there - done that, and I know - at the end of the day, the scale motivates our eating patterns!

    Pitch it, Girl!

  2. thanks for the advice, Callie!...I'm going to try to do it! wish me luck =/

  3. haha, don't worry about girl, we ALL do that sometimes.
    A few years ago, that was like every weekend for my friends and I. complete with chocolate doughnuts, the big caramel frappucinos with extra caramel, cold stone (cake batter's my fav too), fettucini alfredo, three or four energy drinks, sour patch kids, brownies... all in the same day. And it was no big deal, we had a lot of fun. I didn't die, I was still the same person when I woke up. Now, I definitely feel better honoring what my body truly needs.
    At the end of the day, it's okay. I know you'll get back to treating yourself well! Fill up on the good stuff :)

    Good luck ditching the scale! I think that's awesome.

  4. thanks Adina :) It's comforting knowing that I'm not the only one who has had her fair share of "woman vs. food" escapades! haha, but yes I do feel so much better when I eat healthy! :)

  5. Well.. those goodies sound yummy :p the ice cream sandwiches for sure! There have been some moments where I just couldn't stop eating. Actually, that happened last week with a bag of these really tasty chips lol. I just wanted moreee! In the past I would've felt really bad and that feeling would've creeped it's way into a lot of my time. I felt bloated afterwards, yes, and like I just wanted to lie down lol, but I didn't feel too bad about it. I think that may also be because I ate so much because of the taste really, and not because I was trying to suppress something or use food to cope.

    And yes.. if you don't need to weigh yourself then don't. The next time you find yourself in a situation that you think could be anxiety provoking to you take a step back and ask yourself why? Why are you doing this? What are your intentions? And what emotions may arise and why. Let your honesty, not fear, help guide you towards the decisions you end up making :) in the end, it'll be alright.


  6. Hi girl,
    Just dropping by to leave some warm wishes for you on your journey. What college are you attending? Yay for college students :)

  7. Thanks Floey! :) I might be attending CMU in the fall :)

  8. Yum I love icecream cookies with sprinkles that was always a favorite as a child recently I made some with banana soft serve and raw cookies and they were delish!

  9. My weakness are icecream sandwiches...I used to have one everyday to reward myself for a job well done (aka survival of a work day). thats way too many ice cream sandwiches and way to many too tight pants