About me

Hi bloggers, my name is Danielle and I'm 20 years old. I have a passion for nutrition and fashion, but have also obsessed over food my whole life. I'm 5' 8.5" and currently weigh in at 98 pounds. My lowest weight has been 96 pounds and my highest has been 162, so I've been at both ends of the spectrum. I started up this blog, sweetnessplus, in hopes of overcoming my eating disorder and adding variety to my diet by trying new recipes. I'm learning very quickly that cooking and baking takes much time, patience, and perseverance. I've had to keep myself from sliding back into the old habit of eating nothing other than my beloved turkey, garbanzo bean, low carb, wheat tortilla wraps for lunch and dinner every day, and so far I've succeeded. I haven't, however, succeeded when it comes to decreasing my sugar free gum and diet pop intake. A couple of other habits that have been extremely hard to break are: weighing my food and calculating every calorie I put in my mouth. I want to free myself of the calorie counting and the number crunching monster I've become. With the support from my mom, aunt, and twin sister, and now with the start of my blog, I know I can overcome it all.

These are current pictures of me weighing in the 90s. The winter months have been hard on me. In these next couple of pictures I wore a tanktop, sweatshirt, zip up, scarf, leggings beneath my jeans, and thick ski socks paired with ugg boots. 

My Lows...

I'm on the right
& My highs...

I'm the third from the left..weighing around 150

Both of these pics were taken our senior year of high school when I was in the upper 150s.
Pictured here: me on the left and my twin on the right

There already have been some baking/cooking flops, mental breakdowns, tears, along with some newfound favorite recipes, baking successes, and smiles. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and trying some of the recipes I post! =)