Saturday, February 5, 2011

wisdom teeth

so what I've been up to...
I've been really trying to work on being positive and I think it may just be working....

for one-I had two snowdays in a row and that NEVER happens in college! =D
for two-I only had to get two wisdom teeth taken out and they were both on the same side, so I'm not experiencing that much pain.
for three-I've been having a grand old time indulging in icecream and pudding cups =D

what were your favorite things to eat when you got your wisdom teeth removed???


  1. woooo! I ate peanut butter (warmed up in the microwave to make it soupy) pretty much EXCLUSIVELY for the first day or two after I got my wisdom teeth out. also: applesauce, yogurt. mashed potatoes are a good soft food too, but depending on how much swelling/pain you have, you might wanna wait awhile :)

  2. I've been eating a lotttt of organic peanut butter recently and b/c I only got two wisdom teeth taken out I've been pairing it with carrots...risky I know, but oh so good =)