Thursday, February 10, 2011


I think it's time I give my blog a makeover

I've been thinking of trying some new makeup myself...preferrably makeup that's good for my skin! Do you have any cosmetic favorites that you can't live without?


  1. LOVE your new header! Did you make it yourself?

    I started using Bare Minerals last year and I am completely in love. It's so easy but so good!!

  2. Thank you Ella =) and yes I did make it myself...with a little help from! =) I use Bare Minerals too along with Laura Gellar!

  3. I agree- I love Bare Minerals makeup. It just feels better on my skin- like my skin can actually breath. :)

    p.s. don't you LOVE picnik?!

  4. YES I DO! Picnik is amazing and always makes my pictures look so vibrant =) Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment, Lori! :)